Day 95: back to the pool

Day 1 after the end of my running streak: 30 min yoga and then pool time with the girls. The pool was empty when we arrived at 6:30am, water was not too cold, and there was breeze. Such a lovely morning.

Sofia and I did laps. She’s so fast! Lizzy did mini laps too. She’s so comfortable in the pool (deep water) and can even do mini-diving. I’m so proud of her. Every time I see her doing her things, I can’t stop smiling, want to hug and kiss her all the time. Girls love starting the day with some pool time with me, so I think I’ll start doing this more regularly with them.

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The office situation is still unresolved… so frustrating but spending time with my girls made me feel better, realising office is just part of the job, it should be very low rank in my priority list in life.

Lunch was served: cabbage and corn pancakes, boiled greens with soy sauce and brown sugar, bell pepper sauteed with smoked tofu, and sayote with carrot and vegan fish cake.


I took a nap in the afternoon as I have a evening meeting. Glorious 60 min power nap. The downside was that I couldn’t sleep until 11pm. So maybe nap is not my thing.

Evening snack while attending the meeting: roasted pumpkin. The texture of pumpkin is a matter of luck, some of perfect thick/smooth/rich, some are watery. When I find a good one, it makes me happy! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Day 95: back to the pool

    1. depending on the day… sometimes if I wake up before 5am I do blog first thing in the morning before I workout (5:30-5:45 starting), others I do after i shower and breakfast (8 and 9am). but as you can see i’m not very consistent. I like to do first thing in the morning when the house is quiet though, so I can reflect. I envy your deck view for blog writing. 🙂

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