Day 96: learning new skills

Someone is mastering roller blades!!! I’m so proud of Lizzy. She has been practicing everyday since I got them for the girls, learning from the master (Sofia!). Now she can stand by herself and move around without assistance. I love that my girls learn the process of learning something new, from initial failure, to small success, to fully master. This gives them the sense of accomplishment, ownership, and confidence on themselves.

I am happy to report that the office drama is getting close to an end. I finally got to talk to my manager and he made it clear that what the person did was not right, he made a mistake, and that we need to help him correct it. While I am not hopefully the person will really change, at least my value system got it confirmed. I still need to talk to the person directly to move forward with the project, not an easy conversation, so I’ll do it next week.

I did another TV interview, this time about a subject that it’s not my area of expertise so I was nervous. Fortunately with the help of experts I got my answers prepared and it went well.

Lunch: mung bean, water breast, leftover cabbage and corn pancake, cucumber, sautéed broccoli with fungus, and chicken nuggets

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I am loving our new helper! She’s so good, takes initiatives, great with the girls (she even read to them), very thorough with cleaning, and very pleasant personality. Life is much better when I don’t have to do chores and see messiness at the house all day long! 😀

I plan to take off tomorrow, give me my mental break from work. I have a lunch date at a colleague/friend’s house, first one since quarantine, so almost 100 days ago. UFFFF… that was a long time ago! I’m sure it will be fun. Maybe I’ll bake a cake to take for dessert.

Other things I want to accomplish tomorrow:

  • bake bread. I feel like I’m baking 1 or 2 batches everyday. they go so fast!
  • do photo 2019 photo album. it’s embarrassing that 2020 is half way and I haven’t done with 2019
  • bake a cake
  • make granola
  • start a new book. I finished Normal People last Sunday. Honestly after watching the series, I think the book was just okay, the series is so much better!

One thought on “Day 96: learning new skills

  1. I’m glad your office drama is coming to an end! That’s always stressful.

    Go Lizzy Go!! 🙂 Enjoy your day off! Good thing you run a lot if you’re planning to bake all of that! hahahah!


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