Day 124: making lists

Grateful list:

Groceries trip with husband: forget about date-night or any date these days. it was not our regular practice pre-COVID, definitely impossible during COVID. So a simple trip to the groceries store feels special. It takes less than 30 min but it allowed us to take a break as a couple and I really like it.

I’ve started making daily lists for work and life and somehow it helps me to organise my day and feel accomplish at the end of it. It also helps to plan my day to do the essentials first and make sure they are done. When I finish a task I check it, if there’s need to follow up next day, I mark it using an arrow, so the next day I remember to keep bugging people for their feedback.

I really want to do bullet journal like Sarah but I am not that organised so this list is what I can manage now, maybe in few weeks I can add more and eventually get to the pretty journal like Sarah’s

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I also did meal planning yesterday, choosing few recipes from the recipe book. I don’t plan what to eat everyday but rather meal ideas and will decide what to prepare on the day depending how much time I have and what the family wants. This gives me some flexibility as some days work is crazy and all I have is 10 min to put something on the table.


Also, for next week we’ve decided to NOT have packaged snacks at home. The girls have got used to have snacks every night after dinner while reading and I don’t think it’s a habit we want to keep. So yesterday we talked about it and agreed to not have snacks at home but have only fruits as snacks. On Sunday when they want movie, they can each pick one, and we buy it that day. Hope that helps the family to back to the good habit trend. We could all take a break from all-day-long snacking vicious cycle.

Weekend plans:

  • groceries shopping
  • food prep: radish cake, black bean soup, black bean brownies, oatmeal
  • photo album for our Europe trip (finally got everything!)
  • watch a movie with hubby
  • start a new book
  • pool time + book

One thought on “Day 124: making lists

  1. Where is your favorite place to travel in Europe? Why is it your favorite? Are you able to travel again now in Manila? Many are traveling again in the USA. Not sure I will be for a while though. Also, you should try to share what grocery stores are like there. Our groceries stores seem to have “returned to normal” and we can get most everything except Lysol Spray & Wipes! I am with you on watching a movie … just need to choose which one! haha! Have a great Sunday!


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