Day 126: Sunday in hours

2 hrs exercising (9.2 miles and yoga)

1 hr shower and bath

2 hrs in kitchen

1 hr reading by the pool

2 hrs normal people

2 hrs crafting with Sofia

2 hrs dealing with work drama 

1 hr worrying about COVID situation in Manila after knowing a friend’s mom is in intensive care due to COVID

Batch cooking chinese scallion empanadas

pizza for the little ones and hubby


fresh salad with homemade tahini dressing (made tahini using sesame seeds): tahini, wine vinegar, salt, agave necta, and korean tofu

Fullsizeoutput 12e1a

Gratitude: i am grateful that our family is safe, healthy, and happy. The situation is worrisome and there’s little we can do. But we are all well, girls are still laughing and having fun, hubby and I have each other to vent out our worries.

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