Day 175: joys of a relaxing Sunday

5:45am: excited for my run! I am amused when people asks me why you run so much? don’t you ever get bored? My answer is simple: if it’s a daily drag, why would I ever do? i do it because I love every minute of it! Every morning when I step out of the building and feel the breeze, I’m happy, excited for a new day, a new run.


Sunday is our running group virtual 10k run where we post a pic of us post run. I often forget to take, so yesterday my fellow runner caught me on the run

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My kitchen was a total chaos for few hours as I did some meal prep for the week, and managed to bake classic chocolate chip cookies to take to a play date with the girls

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girls having fun in their trampoline, in the middle of the living room! I’m glad it’s in someone else’s living room and not mine. hahahahah….


Happy lunch: simple homemade pizza


After lunch husband and I wanted to take a nap but our living room is SUPER hot in the afternoon, so we took over girls’ bedroom. Lizzy saw us setting up the sofa bed and wanted to join us. Sofia said: no, it’s daddy and mommy time now, you go to another room. 😆 I don’t know when she learned about that, weekends afternoons are mommy and daddy solo time, either watch a movie or take a nap together. I am glad Sofia realised it and helped to respect it.

When I woke up, I continue to savour this amazing book while Sofia had a piano theory zoom lesson.

Then I went to the office to prepare it for the BIG day on Monday. I peel off all the arts/photos on the walls, throw away old papers/books, and finished with a clean slate, ready for my deep work set up. While I don’t think there was a lot of clutter, the exercise that took only 30 min was useful to prepare mentally how this place will help me to achieve my goals (can I work only 6 hrs a day and accomplish more?).

For family movie night this week: we watched Someone feed Phil, Mexico city episode, which we all love because Phil is so funny and kind. Sofia said: she felt she was on the trip with him.

I felt asleep by 8:30pm 😀

2 thoughts on “Day 175: joys of a relaxing Sunday

  1. Good luck!! I love working from home, and since my office is a total of 30+ minutes away and requires parking far away at the hospital and walking in, I MUCH prefer home, always. But, I sometimes do wish my office were closer to home so I could go in more easily to get away from the craziness of home at times.

    Bummer you didn’t find Atomic Habits helpful! I actually DID like it, overall, though I agree- much of it I already knew since habit formation is a topic I’m interested in and had already read a lot about. But I do like James Clear’s style in general, especially for people who are new to that topic. I thought he laid out so many good fundamentals in the book in an easy to understand way. I also do really love his 3-2-1 newsletter (full of inspirational/ motivational quotes, which I love!). Funny thing- I tried listening to Deep Work a year or so ago on audiobook and ended up turning it off! Just wasn’t clicking for me…but maybe it was the audio version. Let me know what you think- maybe I’ll try it again!


    1. I think books tend to click on the right time. What I’ve been doing in the last few months about habits made me not find atomic habit so revolutionary as I was applying those concepts already. But deep work did teach me few things which i plan to apply to my work now. Overall i don’t like audio books as I can’t focus. give it another try.


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