Day 174: back to office plan

As I mentioned, I’ll be going back to office starting next week. This is not because COVID is under control in Manila (it’s not!), but on an exceptional basis approved by the management to only 3 of us who live close to office (no need to take public transportation), have small kids at home, and have requested to have few hours per day in the office. We have a big office, three floors, so each of us will be the only person in the entire floor for a given time, so pretty safe.

I am super excited for another NEW normal to start. My plan is to go to office between 8-2pm (6 is max allowed time) as I’m more efficient in the mornings, and if I can finish all important tasks, then I could be done for the day 🙂 I’ll be doing some meal preps so the family can have lunch at 12pm as usual, and I can have a later lunch when I get home. Girls are pretty independent for distance learning, and husband will be there to assist if needed.

Sofia will be occupying my office spot.


I finished Atomic Habit. It is a best seller for a long time, but unfortunately it didn’t teach me anything new that I don’t know, so I gave it a 1/5. Then I started Deep Work, and I’m already half way done in one sitting! I can’t wait to implement some of these ideas in my new normal 🙂

Yesterday we had a play date at home and Lizzy was showing her friend how to play golf

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quite a relaxing Saturday. Although I have many urgent tasks for work, I’ve decided to RESPECT my weekend and NOT work! World won’t enter into a crisis if I don’t work on a weekend 🙂

Q: what do you miss from “normal” office setting? 

While I miss human interactions with my colleagues, spontaneous conversations, I don’t miss being interrupted ALL the time and USELESS meetings. So going back to office alone this time be perfect for DEEP WORK.

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