COVID Day 8: busy

It was a busy and great day for us. I continued to feel better with some panic in the morning.

I woke up and felt good and rested thanks to the chicken congee. Then I coughed for few seconds and felt soreness on my chest. My energy level was 4/5 instead of 5/5 like the day before, so I wondered shouldn’t I be getting better day by day? What if I suddenly turn around? Fortunately I had scheduled a tele consult at 8am to pour these questions out to a doctor instead to my family and scare everyone. The doctor says it’s normal not to feel fully normal for two weeks, that the path to recovery is not always lineal, lingering cough and nasal congestion is due to inflammation that could persistent even you are not infectious anymore. He assured me given my age and my vaccination, the chance of getting worse is near zero. If I would to develop pneumonia I would have developed already. I expressed my concerned and the feeling of being ridiculous about it, he assured me that everyone is the same because this virus is new and people gets scared easily. He gave me the prescription for another test after my two weeks quarantine to assure that I am not infectious anymore before I go out and meet others.

Right after talking to him, I immediately felt better and did my morning exercise and felt great! Everything is in our mind! hahahah….

Before girls started class, we took our monthly picture. They insisted to carry Cookie… because she’s just sooo cute and I agree 🙂

I am liking to work in Sofia’s room, quiet enough that I can focus. I was planning to find a break to do some yoga as well but my day got really busy and didn’t at the end

After doing school in a learning pod, Lizzy gets bored easily doing school alone. I found her like this when I came out for water. I don’t blame her, it’s of course more fun to be with her friends. But it is also okay not to be 100% sometimes 🙂 That’s a new concept that I am trying to practice, let girls not to be happy all the time, because life is not always like they want, things happen and we need to learn to deal with them.

I took a 20 min break at lunch and made this for the girls. My appetite is still not so good so, only fresh fruits sound appetizing. Oh well… it will come back eventually

Remaining symptoms:

  • fever come and go, max was 37.1-37.3. After several calls, I feel hot. Maybe when I am stressed or agitated, I get warm? even without covid?
  • cough here and there
  • nasal congestion that others can feel me being congested but actually I don’t feel congested
  • harsh voice as I’ve been coughing a lot or talking a lot. very noticeable for others

2 thoughts on “COVID Day 8: busy

  1. That is one extra bad thing about COVID….it does seem like it takes a while to really fully run its course. The people I know who have had it have said the same thing as you, that the symptoms were up and down over quite many days. (Unlike some other viruses where it’s like you have it for 24 hours and then you’re fully better). Bummer about Lizzy and the learning pod- that seemed like a good option, so I’m sure she’s disappointed to be out of that for now. Hopefully she can rejoin it soon when you’re all better.


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