5 things I did on Friday

After pouring out my thoughts and feelings yesterday, I felt much much better! As Kae says, usually things have a way of working out eventually. So true, it happened so many times in my life, those uncertain moments about what’s going to happen, which ended up to be the most wonderful thing later. Thanks for the reminder Kae.

I had “productive” Friday

  1. Buy gifts for Sofia. So hard to buy gifts for 9 years old. I couldn’t wrap my mind what to buy her, which I realized it’s such a wonderful thing. Even when I ask her what she will buy with the money grandma gave her, she couldn’t think of anything. What a fortunate girl to have everything she needs and wants, and not wanting anything for vanity (like brand clothes/bags). Husband and I went to the group of malls (in Manila, more than 8 malls are connected somehow) and we ended up buying few things for her. I am quite happy what we got her, nothing fancy but things that I am certain she’ll like.
  2. I had pampering session (mani/pedi, eye brow). Haven’t had one for ages!!! It feels sooooo good to have clean nails and eye brow to look at myself.
  3. I figured out how to bake a rainbow cake for Sofia’s birthday. Sofia decided to skip the surprise and bake it with me on Saturday.
  4. I booked a weekend trip with the family we went to the beach last time. So excited!
  5. I walked over 20k steps! Wooo… first time sine COVID and I felt fine. I think walking doesn’t trigger anything anymore, it’s more the intense cardio for prolonged time (20 min) that could be triggering. One step at the time, be grateful what I can do! 😀

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