What would she do?

The night before my long run, I told Sofia, text me when you wake up as I’ll be doing my long run of the week. I might need you to bring me something or simply pace me to survive the last few hard miles.

I followed my “testing protocol”. I had dinner at 5:20pm, light in vegetables, quinoa, tempeh, and vegetables dumplings. Then I started reading at 6:30pm. In bed by 8pm, asleep few minutes later. I woke up 4am fresh. I had 1/3 of Ucan bar 15 min before heading out of the door, hoping I will not have stomach pain like last time. It did not.

Humidity was 92%!!! It was like stepping out to a steaming room. Oh well… The humidity did affect perceived effort. My HR hovered around 140 for the first half instead of the ideal 135. The second half it went to 140-145. I didn’t suffer much, thankfully. When it did feel hard, I thought how grateful I am to not have stomach pain and that my legs are not heavy, it’s just the sweat kept coming out faster than I could wipe it.

3 miles before I finished, Sofia texted me when she woke up. She asked me if I needed anything. I didn’t respond. 10 min later she asked again. I didn’t respond. At first it was the inconvenience to take out my phone to answer, but later it was my decision to not answer and see what she’d do. Will she keep texting me while I don’t respond? That would show she’s worried. Will she stop? Would that mean she’s confident that I’m doing fine and didn’t need her assistance? As I played in my mind different scenarios and how they would reflect her character, she called me. hahaha.. I was pleased to learn that she’s proactive!!! I told her I was fine and was going home soon.

I am not sure lizzy would do the same as daddy is not really a proactive guy. Sofia took that from me… I am so glad 🙂

When I got home, Sofia was preparing breakfast for Lizzy, the banana bread she baked over the weekend. Wooo… she’s suddenly a mini adult!

Other updates:

  • our trip to Jakarta is still pending because HR needs 5-7 business to review my trip request? WTF!!!
  • I had my yearly performance chat with my manager. Isn’t great to hear praise of oneself once a year? It certainly did. I don’t think my action would have changed if I didn’t get them, but reinforcement of good behavior does affect long term behaviors. Sometimes that I am consciously doing with my girls.
  • Lizzy had her first zoom drawing class and she loved it! I know she has a creative side that we didn’t explore so far.

2 thoughts on “What would she do?

  1. Nice work on your long run! It is really sweet that your daughter was concerned enough to call. I would have done the same if I was her! It’s in my nature to worry about a person if they don’t respond when I expect them to.

    Ugh, HR-related delays are the worst, especially when it’s for something like a trip to visit a place you plan to move to!


  2. Hahaha, the phone call seems very logical! I like it. 🙂 It is crazy when they suddenly go from seeming like little kids to big ones in the blink of an eye. But it’s sooooo nice to be able to leave kids home alone! Once we got to that point, several years ago now, it was kind of a game changer on what we could do. So much easier to run an errand etc. without dragging everyone along.


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