Highlights of 5 days in paradise (El Nido)

Our third time at El Nido was just as amazing as the first two times. I’m sad to think that this would have been our last time for a while. To mix things a bit, we stayed at Lagen and Pangulasian resorts, as we stayed at Miniloc the last two times. We also went with Sofia’s friends’ family so the girls had such a blast.

Day 1: about to arrive El Nido Lio airport and spotted perfectly our first resort Lagen from the plane.

quick transfer in a van and got to our boat. The boat ride was 45 min, just soaking in the ocean breeze

the view from our room in Lagen, just look at it. So serene and peaceful.

Day 2 started with lagoon tour

I paired up with Sofia while daddy paddled Lizzy. We saw a baby shark again this time…. it was great that we arrive first and it was so quiet. By the time we left an hour later, there were so many boats already which made it less pleasant.

Then we had lunch at Miniloc before heading out to snake island or sandbar and caves exploration. Miniloc has the best snorkeling area… this time we spotted an ocean turtle and swim with him for quite a while. It was amazing… I was so close to him that I could touch him.

Day 3: I slept an extra hour everyday while in El Nido, still earlier than the rest of the family so I get to meditate under the sound of ocean and rain…. love love love it!!!!

Sofia tried paddle boarding … such a pro while daddy explored snorkeling near by.

then we had lunch before heading out to our next resort, Pangulasian, the most luxurious among El Nido resort. It did not disappoint! After quick check-in, we went to explore our Beach Villa 17

main room

with all the cute amenities such as sun hats for all members of the family, sleepers, snacks, fruits, and wine

and this is the BATHROOM…. as big as the main room that has a bed!!! Isn’t it crazy???

the other side of the bathroom. The only thing lacking would be a bathtub

our villa is just besides the pool.

facing the beach so ocean waves all day long to calm my nerves

as I was just relaxing, a monkey jumped at our door.. literally! I closed the glass door quickly before he could enter. And then he went to the tree

Day 4 started with snorkeling before breakfast. The waves were a bit strong so we came back after a while. The girls played with their friends at the pool while I just relaxed…. doing nothing… hehehe…. only 2 hours later I could collected myself to do my 5 miles run at the gym.

2pm we had scheduled sailing exploration.. first time for the girls and Tony. It was short but sweet.

then Sofia tried paddle board against the waves and ended up practicing surfing. She has such a good balance.

we also did the sunset hike to the top of the mountain… just 25 min walk up to enjoy the panoramic view.

Day 5 involved slow start of the day… Lizzy reading a lot while I packed

after breakfast girls played ping pong an the ball fell among the lizards,

I got to enjoy this view from our room for few more minutes before we had to leave

Food in El Nido was great, especially at Miniloc and Lagen as they served buffet for three meals, included in the stay cost. some that liked the most was salad with squids, sushi. I had my intake of squid for the entire year in those days hahahah

coconut pumpkin green bean curry, and a fish dish paired with rice

my dinner mate at Pangulasian

stir fry vegetable with rice… simple meals prepared for me as there was nothing good on the menu

more squid poached with a creamy sauce.

breakfast everyday started with salad with smoked salmon

roasted vegetables to end

and lots of fruits. Girls enjoyed the food a lot as well, and husband loved it!!!

It was a bittersweet trip. This place has so many good memories of our stay in the Philippines. This trip might be a good closure for us. Yet, I can’t help but to think should we come back once more? maybe if my mom actually gets to come to the Philippines.

Back to Manila, so many issues to solve, which gave me headache right after we arrived. I told husband, can we just go back to El Nido and forget about them all?

Just done unpacking, Lizzy and I packed again to go to Jakarta tonight! will report back from Jakarta! 😀

4 thoughts on “Highlights of 5 days in paradise (El Nido)

  1. AMAZING!!! This place looks out of this world. Funny story- a couple weeks ago the screen saver on my HP laptop showed this beautiful ocean scene that looked vaguely familiar to me… I clicked the little link to see the name of the place, and it said it was El Nido in the Philippines! Haha. I’d never heard of it before seeing your previous trip recaps. I hope your mom can make it…. Fingers crossed that can still work out.


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