5 on Friday

I had a long Friday, out from home from 7am until 9pm. Few highlights:

  • Different stories being told. Our regional VP is visiting and her first meeting was 8am which I joined. I don’t know what she thinks about what the other person said (high government official), but I know as matter of fact, most of what he said (as plans/ambitions) are not true. It made me wonder how many of the stories we hear and read are like that… what is on the surface and what is beneath that. Only insiders would know the truth, and we should not take the face value of things too seriously.
  • Two states, 0 and 100. The VP assistance said that she has only two states, 0 when she’s sleeping, and 100 as soon as she wakes up. Obviously I will never be a VP… hahaha… my have so many things to focus on other than work. It is good to know one’s limitation and be content about it.
  • Being a proud mama. A colleague friend who has kids of similar age texted me “Sofia has progressed so much in swimming”. I said “what do you mean?” distractedly. “Check her swimming time trials, much better than last time” (note that one needs to open different files to compare). I was laughing before even checking it. WHO ON EARTH check other kids time trial results and compare it??? Obviously I then remember oh yes, Sofia had time trial on Wed. I went to check her results and I was shocked to see she’s on top 5 in all 4 that she participated, even top 2 on butterfly (first was a boy). Then I went to compared with her last time trial result from April (took me a while to find it), and indeed she improved few seconds in each of the 25m or 50m swims. I am very impressed, happy, and proud.
  • Farewells reflections. I had lunch with another professional friend. He’s American, 60+ years old, from Texas. I would think we have not much in common to become friends. Yet, he concluded at the end of our 2 hrs lunch that our relationship has been more personal than professional. It is a beautiful description of the way I “work” with many people here in the Philippines. This kind of relationships not only help us to work better together, but also more fulfilling. Connection is we all seek.
  • Late dinner. After my long day at work, Tony and I had dinner with a couple friends. I knew I’d suffer to eat late and go to bed late. But sometimes, for the right people, it is worth it. Now Saturday morning I have having a hangover feeling from last night… but I know it is a dinner that I will remember for a long time.

2 thoughts on “5 on Friday

  1. Great job to Sofia on improving her swimming!! That’s awesome! And yes, I think it would surprise you how many sports parents would look up their kids’ friend’s or competitor’s scores or times…. sadly I think many times the parents are more competitive than the kids are! I’m glad you are getting plenty of opportunities to fit in farewell dinners and events. I think that’s really important, to help solidify those relationships to maybe/hopefully stay in touch long term, and just to feel a sense of closure, like you didn’t forget anyone or just leave without getting to say goodbye.


  2. Lots of good nuggets in this. I, too, could not be a VP. I don’t aspire to move beyond my current role. I want to get better and better at it and have more impact and be more utilized but I don’t want to keep climbing the ladder at work because it’s not worth the things I’d have to sacrifice. I’m happy w/ my role/comp so don’t feel the need to go any higher!

    Great job to Sofia on improving her swimming times. That is funny about the parent checking. I can’t see myself doing that… but like Kae said above, some parents are so competitive!!


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