pre-race jittery

The day before the race was lowkey as the main purpose is to rest and get ready. I did 20 min jog around 9am, seeing many serious runners there doing their runs (definitely not jog), feeling inspired as the whole city is prepared for the race. Then I checked out from my previous hotel to my new hotel that turned out to be just few hundreds meters closer to the starting line. The room is a bit bigger

then I went to the Berlin mall looking for gifts for the girls. I couldn’t find anything special from Berlin or Germany, so ended up getting some lego sets and a stuffed toy for Lizzy. I think they will like them. Then it was around lunch time, after walking around twice at the food court, I decided to go with indian food. I had vegan curry with rice. It was not great but decent combo of carbs. When I was about to leave, i saw two runners eating plain rice!!! That is dedication!!!

as I got back to the hotel to set up race outfit, I realized I didn’t get the safety pins for the bib. I could have tried my luck the next day to get it somewhere at the starting area, but I didn’t want to stress out so I went to find it. I tried two stores and finally fount a box. What a relief

on my way back, I saw the skaters doing their race, so cool

It was 5pm, I wasn’t hungry nor felt like going out again to find dinner. So I ate what I felt like, blueberries, rice cakes with cottage cheese. It was actually more satisfying than the indian lunch. While eating, I read through all the details about the race.

final look of the outfit. I’ll wear the shirt and pant I bought at the expo, carry 6 maurten gels, LMNT packet, one water bottle to refill at the stations, and a ucan bar 1 hour before the start. I also got a hoodie from my BFF that I will use to walk to the starting point, and throw it before the start.

less than 4 hours to start!!! I’ll get ready, have breakfast at the hotel now (hope they have oatmeal), check out, and walk to the starting line!

A slept 9.5 hours AGAIN! So I guess I am as rested as I can at this point!

Will report back after the race!

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