Last to-dos

Finally, the remaining to-dos are being crossed, including Sofia’s visa, husband’s visas, and paper work for Cookie. The stress of finalizing these before our flight is causing me ulcer… but I’m glad that they are being done. Hopefully today I get Sofia’s passport back, and get airline’s clearance to take Cookie with us (paper work submitted for checking before booking her cargo ticket). Finger crossed.

Monday I got to see Lizzy’s running team for the first time. Although she seems to be more interested to chat with her friend, she did run 5 laps (2km), and got her prize. I hope one day she can enjoy running as much as I do, but if not, I hope she finds some other physical activity that she enjoys.

we finally got the Indonesia government’s import permit to bring Cookie to the country, thus I took her for final check-up by the vet to issue a health certificate, required to apply for the export permit. She was very cooperative with all the process. After we arrive Jakarta, an agent will take her for two weeks quarantine, that would be the first time she’d be without us. I hope she survives that.

I had my performance chat with my manager yesterday. I knew I wouldn’t get 5 (out of 5) rating this year because there’s a rule of not giving 5 to the same staff for two consecutive years. The funny thing was that my manager was so apologetic of not winning the battle to ask for an exception for me. Hahahhaha it’s so nice to hear those things, right?

Sofia had another sleepover last night and I joined their morning jog today. Sad to leave this family, our running buddy family. Need to find another family who loves exercising in Jakarta.

To do list for today:

  • pick up Sofia’s passport
  • start packing. I need to know if our luggage allowance will be enough, otherwise I’ll have to ship more things. Final pick up for shipping would be this Friday.
  • watch Sofia’s swimming meet-up. She’s doing 50 m back stroke.
  • call airline to book Cookie’s cargo ticket
  • dinner at a friend’s place. another last get together 😦

One thought on “Last to-dos

  1. I hope all of the final details come together! Waiting for visas and such is so stressful. I remember that process was pretty last minute when I studied abroad in Australia in college and it was just so stressful!

    I hope Cookie does ok during her 2 week quarantine! She’s going to miss you guys!


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