In my mind

More farewell parties happening. Wednesday at our best chinese friend home, Thursday in the office, and today at my big boss’s home.

Office farewell was really good, organized by my closest team member, mentee, and my go-to person for urgent tasks. He dressed in all black, capturing his mood. During the farewell, he showed a video he and another colleague friend made for me, remembering good moments I had during the last 5 years. Then colleagues that worked with me closely went on to say few words each. Hearing from them made me really sad to leave. Each of them could have chosen among many stories we shared together, and what they like about me. So what they chose to share is really something that stands out. I appreciate them for thinking through what to say and say it out loud among so many people.

After the farewell, I was really down, sadness hitting me strong. Sofia had another sleepover and husband went to golf. I was with Lizzy alone and decided to go out for ice cream. We shared a cone, she told me many stories, show showed me her taekwondo moves, and we cuddled for a long time. Before sleep, I thanked her for being with me when I was feeling sad. She said “de nada”. 🙂

I had to delay our flight for one day because our original flight doesn’t have ventilation in the cargo area, thus we can’t take Cookie with us on the same flight. Fortunately, the next day’s flight is ventilated. I spent hours calling the airline to submit documentations, checking on the cargo ventilation situation, rebooking, and all over again. It caused acid reflex!!! When I shared the story with my friend, he said he wouldn’t believe 5 years ago that I’d spend so much $$ and energy to take care of a cat. hahhaha… I’ve grown so much 🙂

Friday is girls’ last day at their school. I am sad for them to leave the school that they love so much, their friends, and their beloved teachers. They will have a small goodbye ceremony at their class, and I’m bringing donuts to “celebrate”.

Life is a cycle of new and old, end and start. I am fortunate to feel sad to leave behind our life in Manila, a sign of great time we had here. I am transformed by the experience living as an expat, connecting with locals, and feeling that I’ve done well for the people and the country. I am not sure I’ll ever feel the same, but I know that if I’m hesitant to try, I will stop growing.

3 thoughts on “In my mind

  1. You have such an amazing attitude to all of this.
    It’s so refreshing to follow along as you detail the ups and downs of relocation. But at the end of the day I so agree: “I am not sure I’ll ever feel the same, but I know that if I’m hesitant to try, I will stop growing.” This is so wise ❤


  2. I am glad you are getting such a lovely send-off from your friends and colleagues. How special that they made a video and shared memories they’ve made with you. You were clearly very loved and admired! Goodbyes are so bittersweet. I hope you have as good of an experience in Jakarta! Glad you had some time with Sofia. Kids can lift us up when we are feeling down since they usually don’t take like too seriously and are so funny in general.


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