Things that helped me ease back to work when I don’t want it

I didn’t want to start working, I didn’t want to get back into normal routine. I want to continue the vacation mode for a bit longer. But that’s not possible. Things that I did over the weekend and on Monday that made it less “painful”

  1. I set up my home office on Sunday, after 12 miles run. I was exhausted by the end of the day but so happy with the end product. I had 7 boxes in my office, Lizzy’s desk, and my chair. It was messy and didn’t bring me calm when I am there. So, I’ve decided to let go of the idea of having wood furnitures as I realize I just wanted most things white. So I told the guy that is making my desk to paint it white (after 3 iterations already about the style and color), moved the IKEA bookshelf that was in the living room, and set up all my books and minimal decor. Now, I am happy to say, I love spending time in my office, something I wanted for a long time but never had. Hubby and I shared one office when we were living in Manila, but here we can each have our own offices. LOVING IT!!! Girls also love that we can all read before bed.
  2. I went to the office, didn’t open up my work email until I tackled my to-list for the day. Life changing.
  3. I didn’t put too many things on my list to not overwhelm myself, and finished all I needed to do by 4pm. That made Monday less stressful.
  4. I came home after work, played music while organizing a bit of my office drawers with Lizzy by my side enjoying the music.
  5. We spent 45 min reading before bed, so relaxing. The funny thing is I read 100 pages of a book to realize that I’ve read it before. hahahah….
  6. I told hubby before I left for work that I really didn’t want to go to work. He came to check on me when I got home. This little gesture made me smile.
  7. We got our piano delivered, clean like new piano, finally.

I feel like 3 months later, our life is finally getting settled.

3 thoughts on “Things that helped me ease back to work when I don’t want it

  1. That picture of the girls looks so cozy!! And love the thought of relaxing music and reading at night.

    And I definitely want to see a picture of your office! I’m so glad you have things all settled; it makes a huge difference to me to have outer order. We’ve been slowly renovating our house for 5 years and it was such an energy drain for me to have things in disarray. We’re mostly done now, and it is a HUGE relief. Like I finally – after all this time – feel “at home” in my home!


  2. I totally know what you mean about just NOT feeling work some days. I actually felt like this yesterday (Monday). The weekend was nice but Asher had swim meets both days and I just didn’t end up really getting enough down time/ alone time, so come Monday morning, I was so not in the mood to work. I was craving some time to tackle some things I had wanted to do over the weekend! But, I had to work. I tried to compromise and took a little time in the morning to get myself organized, which did help some. I’m looking forward to a more open weekend this upcoming weekend. Usually after a vacation I actually feel refreshed and ready to get back to work, after being away for quite a while, but sometimes you do kind of just wish you could stay in vacation mode… haha.


  3. I think because I am in a totally different stage of parenting, I have the opposite reaction to coming back to work. After the holidays, we were so happy to go back to work and get the kids back in daycare. But I find the toddler stage of parenting EXHAUSTING!! I think I will feel differently when my kids are your girls’ ages. I think 4 and older is going to be the prime stage for me. I mean, I love my kids, but it just takes a lot of energy to get through the day. And as you’ve seen from my blog, we are so busy when we are home with our kids, but they do better if we are out and about doing things. Paul can play quietly/entertain himself but Will can’t do that at all and has so much energy!!


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