Tuesday highlights

I have automatic photo rotation for my Lock Screen, and the photo of the day made me smile. I went back to find my old baby pic to make the comparison. OMG! Sofia looks just like me.

I had an amazing morning. I went out for a run, was planning 4-5 miles but the podcast got me so hooked that I kept going and did 10km. You HAVE to listen to this… it is life changing. I was smiling so much and as soon as I finished my run, I ordered the book. One message that made me think is what about the life in Manila that I loved so much and not finding it here? My work there was fulfilling because of what exactly? are they the tasks? are they the people? are they really about impact? I realized that while I tell myself that what I did matters to help many people, what I really enjoyed is the connection with like minded people, the friendships I had. So it is not really about the job, but connection. With this new insight, I feel encourage to invest more on meeting and getting know more people here. As first step, I had lunch with a colleague, and she is really nice. We’ve chatted before but this time was all personal, nothing about work.

I know that it will take time for me to find “my people” here, getting started is important. Maybe one day I don’t ever want to leave Jakarta either.

Another thought that I had, unrelated to the podcast, is that I need to start teaching the girls (Sofia in particular) the concept of limit. Limit in term of time, money, and attention. She wants to do more things, sports, play dates, etc. She started climbing and loves it. I told her that as she’s back to school, she can’t add another regular activities, she’ll have to give up something. she was sad at fist but when I told her that time and money is limited, she thought about it for a while and said she can give up art. I told her that me as economist, the concept of constraint is the essence of how we think about the world. Maximize something (happiness, success, health, etc.), subject to constraints (money, time, attention). She is not fully understanding it, but is curious about it so asks me to give her more examples as we go forward.

3 thoughts on “Tuesday highlights

  1. I had never heard of that podcast – sounds super interesting so thank you for the recommendation! I just downloaded it! With my goal to be outside 23 minutes/day in 2023, I’m finding that I am taking more walks than I had been so I need some new podcasts to work into my rotation.

    Limits are an important thing to learn about. You girls are lucky to have a smart economist as a mom! I love applying economic concepts to real life – like the law of diminishing returns comes to mind! I assume you’ve heard of Emily Oster? I love her content as she uses economic/data analysis to look at decisions parents make.


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