Things I learned today

  1. Pumpkin, my longest lover, is not my friend. 😦 I had it for breakfast with peanut butter and a piece of keto bread. Look how it shoot up my blood sugar. I had it again after dinner, steamed (some say the cooking method can change the sugar content), same figure. Sigh…. Will try few tricks and see if I can blunt the spike like having apple cider vinegar or lemon with/before it; take walk after it.
  2. This week I did two reviews for other people’s work. Oh man…. took me 6 hrs to do one and 4 hrs the other. It made me realize 3 things: (1) when receiving feedback from a thoughtful review, appreciate his/her time and thoughtfulness; (2) it really takes careful thinking to provide comments when one doesn’t have the full context; (3) always try to be constructive and not critical. Usually the teams treat their work as their baby, so they can be very protective of it. Feedback is better taken when the receiver perceives that the giver wants to help to elevate the work, not to show off.
  3. I had my first Brazilian wax in life. I am probably the oldest first timer. Never occurred to me before to have one, but I got a new pair of bikinis that requires it. The technician said I did well as I didn’t scream. hahaha…. I felt naked afterwards. 😀
  4. Lizzy told me in a random time that she knows I love her and always will take care of her. I asked how. She said, I always remember her to put on the moisturizer so she doesn’t get itchy at night. The night before after we all went to sleep, suddenly I remember she didn’t put on, so I got up and went to her room to put some. It is nice that she appreciates it and associated it with love.
  5. I learned about a new beach that we could visit. My list of islands/places to visit in the Philippines is down to zero. Yesterday I met with a colleague in the office and he told me about an island with white sand beach, much less known than Boracay. I got excited! 😀

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