Twist and turns

So much happened today. We were supposed to travel today but we didn’t because of Typhoon Rai. It does look bad and it’s hitting all the tourist islands. Last night husband and I almost agreed to stay put and reschedule the trip for near future.

This morning we checked the typhoon update and it’s indeed look bad and all flights are cancelled. relieved that we don’t need to think anymore, just stay put.

Sofía and i went out for a mornin run and we told our running friend that let’s organize something fun these days since we are staying. Then a colleague of mine who’s tracking the typhoon, she’s a specialist on disasters she said that Coron is not much affected and that typhoon will leave the country tonight. So I asked: is it ok to travel tomorrow then? She said almost certainly. Then my mind started racing. The main issue is we need to get tested again as our test expires today, and get the local government permit to travel again, which took 30 hrs the last time. So I called the resort and see what it’s possible. They said we could take antigen which is faster get the results and apply to the permit again, they will follow up with the local government to have them approved. I talked to husband who’s in a work meeting, he said let’s give it a shot then. I wouldn’t want to rush it if not because at least three other families that we know are going too, so it will be so fun to hang out with them. The girls are friends with their kids and it would be like an extended play date. So I changed the flight to tomorrow, booked the antigen test, submit for permits, started packing. By 6pm we have all packed and permits issued, all ready to fly! Finger crossed tomorrow no more flight cancellation. Even if it does that’s okay too, we tried 🙂

Among all the chaos, girls had a 5 hrs play date and we made pizza together

Finally, I got two interviews scheduled in January. One job in Middle East one in east Asia. I wonder where will we land next 😀

2 thoughts on “Twist and turns

  1. Oh wow, lots of chaos for sure!! That’s yet another crappy thing about this pandemic…makes travel SO hard and so many unknowns. I guess we can be glad that travel is even possible again, but it’s just so frustrating to have everything all up in the air. We are trying to plan for spring break trip, but I feel anxious even trying to plan it because it feels like inevitably something will end up messed up/ cancelled/ etc. UGH. Well, I hope you get to go and have lots of fun! Exiting news on the job interviews…Middle east?? hmm where?? Not sure that would be my first choice currently! ha. But maybe a good place?


  2. Hope you make it!! Travel around the holidays always seems…so tricky! We did it once years ago and swore we wouldn’t do it again. For the last decade, we haven’t gone any further than a 4-hour car ride away!

    Good luck with the interviews!!


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