travel “drama” continued

3 days later we are still in Manila. After the first cancellation on Friday, the next day the flight was on but there was not boat to get to the hotel, so we decided not to fly. Then we re-did antigen test for the 3rd time and planned to leave on Sunday. Came Sunday morning I checked the weather condition and the wind seemed strong. While the other three families decided to still go, we decided to stay put. The least we want is to get there and stuck at the city town instead going to our island. And if sea condition is not good, we can’t do any island hopping, so we decided not to go. After we made the decision to not to go to this resort, I discussed with the family that was going with us to Siargao that we can go to Coron instead. So we agreed to go to Coron 12/24-31 to replace our Siargao trip. Siargao is in totally destroyed so this trip won’t happen for few months. Once I settled that, we went to soccer with the girls. It was a great session, we laughed a lot as another friend’s kids were in the team too.

then I got a text from the families that did go and it was sunny and they arrived the island without any fuss. Then my mind started spinning again, should we make a 3rd attempt and go on Monday? mmm…. decision decision. After discussing with hubby for 5 min, we decided to give it a shot, FOR THE THIRD TIME, and rushed to get an antigen test, 4th time for this trip! We discussed 1:30pm while having lunch, by 2pm we got antigen test done, by 3:30pm we got the new travel pass ready. Woooo!

I am 80% confident that today we will make it. We are leaving in 2 hrs!!! 😀

I’ll just stay this trip is so fluid! hahaha… currently the plan is to stay in this island until 12/24, then join our friends in Coron city until 12/31, but we might change that again! hahaha….. what I am sure is we will have fun as 4 families that we know will be there at the same time, and they all live in our building. How funny right?

Wish us luck to make it.

2 thoughts on “travel “drama” continued

  1. Wow! That all feels so, so stressful, but I really hope you make it and have a fabulous time.

    Sometimes the things that go wrong make the best memories…so this trip will be extra memorable before you even make it to your destination!!!


  2. Ditto what Elisabeth said….yikes! That sounds like a lot of effort. But, hopefully it is all worth it! I got a little behind on reading posts over the weekend with that big swim meet i was running, so I’ve been wondering what ended up happening with your trip.


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