What is it a treat

This week started very busy at work and I spent 8 hrs in the office for Monday and Tuesday. It reminded me how productive I could be when I am focused. While working at home is really convenient and comfy, I do admit that I don’t put 100% when girls are around interrupting or the bed is just so near by. Thus, I think I’ll use the office for focus work going forward. Also, we started to have in person meetings for those who are comfortable, mask. on, so it’s nice to chat in person.

running is going so well which makes me happy. Monday I didn’t run after my Sunday long run but girls run for 20 min and it made me smile to see them. Tuesday I did slow 45 min jog and I felt I could keep going forever, the best feeling!!!

What is a treat? I was doing a pilates workout and the girl kept saying, a real treat is something that makes you feel good at the moment and after. This is quite an innovative concept which I can’t agree more. Why would you consider a treat like watching 2 hrs of a so so movie when you don’t feel good afterwards. Or you eat a pin of ice cream and feel so gross later. A real treat is part of self care that makes us feel good. This concept made me feel so powerful when I am pushing my body to go a bit further, because it makes me feel strong.

Exercise for health and strength. I was listening to Peter Attia and he admits that once he has kids, he reconsidered the purpose of exercise for him. When he was young, he was exercising to perform. Now, he’s exercise for life and health span. When his kids asked him why he exercise, he says to be strong (as opposed to look good). I was nodding when hearing it because that’s what I keep telling my girls. Exercise daily is so important for your physical and mental health, both increases your strength and you should treat it as food, something you need everyday. 🙂

Wednesday will be 2/3 day at the office and start putting up the packing list for our upcoming trip. So looking forward to go to the Paradise. 🙂

3 thoughts on “What is it a treat

  1. I definitely love the concept of exercising for health vs image! When I got into strength training years ago now, I started learning a lot about it, following strength training experts etc. In that “world” there are many women who do those bikini competitions (something I would NEVER want to do) and some would end up getting so obsessed with their body fat percent, their physique etc that it was clearly so unhealthy! Or they would limit food groups just to stick to their diet, etc. I think the best way is definitely like you said, to focus on overall health and longevity, even if maybe that isn’t the same routine you’d need to get the “perfect” ripped body… health is ultimately more important.


  2. Oh. I love this post. Two great thoughts:
    1) A treat being something that makes you feel good before, during and after. It’s true that many “treats” can end up making us feel bad (physically or mentally) after the fact. I love framing a treat in this fully positive way (and helps me to evaluate what I actually want to do/consider a treat).
    2) Exercising for life span/strength/overall health. My daughter is almost 11 and I’m trying very hard to talk about health and wellbeing and steer her away from thoughts of a specific body weight/body type. We talk about why we walk to school and how being active makes our bodies and minds work better. I started dieting when I was about her age and have struggled with my weight/body image for several decades and think having a young daughter has really helped me to put it all in perspective because I want to model out for her how I want HER to see her body and approach fitness – as something that is designed to bring wellbeing, not something that we do to look a certain way to appeal to others perceptions of how much we should weigh/what we should wear.

    Love this post!


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